Thanks for participating!

We are excited to have you on our Peer5 demo with Kaltura. You are now being connected to other viewers (peers) that help you stream this video. Video chunks which arrive from peers are represented by green bars while the grey bars are for chunks that originated from the server. We analyze the traffic and calculate what % of the video consumed from other peers, as well as other performance metrics such as video load time and buffering.

Peer5 is now integrated in Kaltura’s video platform, which means that if you’re using Kaltura, you can start using Peer5 today! We are now open for limited alpha, offering great value to video providers:

Real time aggregated analytics dashboard to measure and monitor all video key performance
Improve Performance
At all times, especially during peak hours. The more viewers your have, the more effective our solution is
Reduce Costs
Our method of peer-to-peer data sharing backed up by traditional CDN decreases bandwidth costs by 50%
Easy Integration
Include our code within your page and you are ready to go (100% SaaS)
HTML5 Based
End users are not required to download any plugin or software
We apply stream authentication mechanism for content integrity

Interested in hearing more?

Apply here to our limited alpha program